Tequila Corrido Añejo - Ferment and Still

Tequila Corrido Añejo

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After our reposado spends about a year in barrels, made from a collection of oak wood from around the world, it is transferred to wine barrels to begin the añejo aging process. These barrels impart a sweet earthiness not found in whiskey or bourbon barrels. Then, we transfer the slightly aged añejo back to the original barrels for its final sojourn before bottling. We age the añejo to taste, not time. Too much time in these final barrels, and the tequila would too closely resemble a bourbon. Too little, and we would not achieve the desired level of liquid luxury. This process requires diligent attention by our Master Distiller, Ana María Romero Mena, who is dedicated to making Corrido’s añejo distinctly rich and silky, yet agave-forward.